Wednesday, September 25, 2013




I had no idea that I will meet this guy, and get the chance of knowing him. 

I had no idea that I will eventually love the person. 

Everything is good and everything is in its right place. 

Trouble comes but I think of it as a challenge and just an obstacle that we need to surpass for better and stronger relationship. 

I had no idea that I would do anything for him just to make him happy even just for him and just for our relationship to last. 

But everything turned the other way around. 

I felt like my world is crashing, flames that burned my heart and turned into ashes. 

I felt like am I not enough?
 am I ugly? 

All of a sudden, my heart broke into pieces. 

Like a broken glass that won't be fixed anymore. 

Every morning, waking up and facing my window, all I see is him, my love and a tear that fell from my eyes. I cannot move on to that feeling. 

How can I be strong when my strength just left me hanging? 





that no words can explain how I felt. 

My heart is mourning out loud for the love. 

My heart thought that everything is good hoping and longing for him. 

I had no idea that everything will be like this after the things we've done for us. 

I had no idea that this has to end.

 I can't do anything but to forget everything that has happened. 

But I need to and I have to.

"Few are those who can see their own eyes and feel with their own hearts."



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My 2013 Hairstyle

HEY there! It's been a long time since my last post! Missed me? Lol! I bet you do. Just kiddin'. 

So anyway, last week I was thinking to post a new blog and here's what I thought of posting, is my new hairstyle for this summer or this year. Maybe? lol. Since it's summer, I thought of having a hairstyle that would make my head feel not heavy since it's summer. And I finalized of changing my hairstyle to : Slickback Hair or Quiff Hairstyle. Lol.

Ofcourse, I've researched about it before having that hairstyle. And when I researched about it, it really takes a practice on how to fix it to be perfectly styled hair. So here is my inspiration hair look:

So that is my hair inspiration look.

And now, this is what my hair looks like after having a haircut.. :)

After having my haircut, I really thought of my friends not liking my new hairstyle but it actually turned out to the other way around and some of them says they love it and other says it's just okay. Lol. So I'll stick to this hairstyle for now. And i'm loving this hairstyle.  Even if it is too mainstream lol. 

So that's it for now. Don't forget to follow me on twitter. lol.

Till next post! Ciao! :*

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Culture Meets Fashion

FEU - IARFA Fashion Show

Fashion Inv'asian 2012

The show was initiated last October 04 2012. The show has three different theme or inspiration : Thailand, Japan and Turkey. An asian invasion through fashion. I was actually a model of this show and it was so much fun being with them, I've got a chance to meet other models and future designers. By the way, the show itself was REALLY REALLY nice. I love the collections that the designers made. Here are some of the photos that I took from the photographers and designers..

Official Poster of the Fashion Show






Too bad, I only got one catalouge for Turkey.

Let's get to the real show :


FEU-IARFA Student Council '12-'13
FEU-IARFA BFA ADV Class of '12-'13

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rated F: Exclusive

Rated F : Exclusive

Happy Birthday to my friend, Franco Salvatorre!



That's me and my BF! More liquors! LOL :)

This takes place last Nov.24-25 2012 at Cherry Orchard Suites, Quezon City. Unfortunately, me and my bf don't know who are invited in the party. But then, as the party is going on, we've got the chance to meet the other invites. It was fun! So much fun! Chit chat chit chat, drink drink & drink! Actually, it turns out to be a GAY party. LOL I really love meeting new friends.  I think I had enough of the party. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The New Glorietta Vibe

The New Glorietta Vibe

This coming November 29 2012, Glorietta will be staging the world's most biggest fashion show in the history. The New Glorietta Vibe is powered by AVA and Co-Presented by Tattoo Black. AVA, the country's premier retail destination sets the stage for a show like no other with THE NEW GLORIETTA VIBE. Feel the energy of the new Glorietta, rock out to an amazing music experience by Kyle Patrick of Click Five and Bamboo, and grace the ramp with the country's top models and personalities. Be part of history as we aim to beat the Guinnes World Record for the Most People Modeling on a Catwalk. 

Actually, I was already part of the show. Coz' there this one acquaintance told us, me and my model friends about this The New Glorietta Vibe. It says that they'll be needing 200 volunteer models for the show. So, me and my friends texted the person in charge about that thing. So, fortunately we got in the show. There are a lot of people who's hoping to be part of the show. So I think that we're so lucky about that. I'm so excited about this cuz' can't wait to see unexpected person like famous artist and bloggers. And I'm sure that this gonna be a so-much-more-of-what-I'll-expecting event. I hope and I think this event's gonna so much FUN! 

Want to watch? No worries. It's an public event and open to all. So, no more tickets and payments and etcetera. Just mark your calendars on 29th of November 2012 the show will start at 5:00PM :)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

LOOK : I ain't never had anyone make me feel this way..



  1. Upper Garment : Striped Shirt - Human
  2. Lower Garment : Jeans - Human
  3. Shoes : Steel Toe Boots - ITTI

A manly look for a normal day to meet my friends at the school. Actually this was enrollment during the time I wore this outfit. I love going out with this kind of look, I don't know why but maybe because the look itself is manly and I think it fits me well. LOL. So nothing more nothing less. :)

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