Friday, October 26, 2012

LOOK : Summer Eye Candy

3rd Summer Look


  1. Outer Garment : Plaid Shirt - Monakiki
  2. Inner Garment : Tank Top - Mint
  3. Lower Garment : Cargo Jeans - People Are People
  4. Shoes : Topsider - Gibi
  5. Accessories : Colored Rosary Necklace
  6. Bag : Leather Sling Bag - Polo Factory

So here is the LOOK. I love the color combinations of the garments ( PINK, VIOLET/PURPLE, RED, BLACK, YELLOW ETC ) Cute colours that perfectly fits summer season. But as you can see, I used to have an outer garment in SUMMER SEASON? Yeah, it's kinda hot and it's not usual here in the Philippines. But yeah, I need to maintain the look. LOL. I'm taking too long now. Don't forget to hype & fan me on LOOKBOOK. :)