Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The New Glorietta Vibe

The New Glorietta Vibe

This coming November 29 2012, Glorietta will be staging the world's most biggest fashion show in the history. The New Glorietta Vibe is powered by AVA and Co-Presented by Tattoo Black. AVA, the country's premier retail destination sets the stage for a show like no other with THE NEW GLORIETTA VIBE. Feel the energy of the new Glorietta, rock out to an amazing music experience by Kyle Patrick of Click Five and Bamboo, and grace the ramp with the country's top models and personalities. Be part of history as we aim to beat the Guinnes World Record for the Most People Modeling on a Catwalk. 

Actually, I was already part of the show. Coz' there this one acquaintance told us, me and my model friends about this The New Glorietta Vibe. It says that they'll be needing 200 volunteer models for the show. So, me and my friends texted the person in charge about that thing. So, fortunately we got in the show. There are a lot of people who's hoping to be part of the show. So I think that we're so lucky about that. I'm so excited about this cuz' can't wait to see unexpected person like famous artist and bloggers. And I'm sure that this gonna be a so-much-more-of-what-I'll-expecting event. I hope and I think this event's gonna so much FUN! 

Want to watch? No worries. It's an public event and open to all. So, no more tickets and payments and etcetera. Just mark your calendars on 29th of November 2012 the show will start at 5:00PM :)


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